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Luoyang Wanji Special Aluminium Alloy Co., Ltd is held by Luoyang Xin’an Electric Power Group Co., Ltd (Xin’an Electric Power Group), specializing in processing of aluminium alloy round extrusion rod and aluminium alloy ingot. It has total investment 123 million yuan and is in the same factory park with Xin’an Electric Power Group. The company can produce 200 thousand tons aluminium alloy ingot of various aluminium rod and aluminiun zinc silicon rare earth alloy.
Xin’an Electric Power Group, holder of the company, has been developed into top 346 large enterprise in China, with total asset and sales income exceeding 10 billion yuan. Wanji Aluminium is equipped with the most advanced electrolytic aluminium production line in the country, producing 430000T electrolytic aluminium annually. In 2008, its production capability of electrolytic aluminium reached 63T.
The company has its predominance in direct use of electrolytic aluminium liquid, assembled with online refinery, electric blender and 20T homogenizing furnace. It is capable of producing special round rod of aluminium alloy extrusion use of 1 to 8 series with more than 30 trademarks and specifications, producing aluminium alloy ingot like aluminium zinc silicon rare earth alloy ingot of 800 kg. The company is equipped with complete quality management system and inspection& measuring facilities such as imported precision direct read spectral analysis, zeiss convert electron microscope from Germany, nondestructive detector, etc.
Mold specifications are: Φ80, Φ85, Φ90, Φ95, Φ100, Φ110, Φ120, Φ135, Φ140, Φ145, Φ152, Φ178, Φ203, Φ228.6, Φ310, etc
The company adheres to the tenet of “survive with quality, explore the market through credit, achieve high efficiency through new products, develop through innovation” which helps to build domestic “supermarket of aluminium alloy rod and aluminium alloy ingot” with full trademark and specification. We wish to develop together with customers.

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      • Luoyang Wanji Special Aluminium Alloy Co., Ltd
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      • Aluminium rod, aluminium alloy, aluminium alloy forging rod, aluminium alloy ingot
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      • Wanji Industrial Zone, Xin'an, Henan
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      • 471832
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      • Mr. Wang Yiming
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